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Dr Chris Macdonald is a highly experienced Plastic Surgeon, providing non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments including anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing treatments (BOTOX®), fillers and specialist skincare solutions from his clinics in Knowle, Solihull and Edgbaston, Birmingham.

As a Plastic Surgeon with 18 years of medical training and experience, Chris has an advanced knowledge of facial anatomy, the ageing process and the full range of available aesthetic techniques. The non-surgical treatments that Chris provides are designed to achieve outstanding results whilst avoiding the risk and recovery periods associated with invasive surgery.

Chris is committed to providing the best quality care for his patients. He personally performs all consultations and delivers bespoke treatments tailored to each individual, using only premium quality products and techniques.

“Thank you for doing an excellent job and for the outstanding care that you provided”…LC, Coventry

“Chris put me at ease immediately. He explained all the options and I took his sound advice on board”…SB, Coventry

“I’m delighted with the result. I feel like I have got my nose back”…SS, West Midlands

A Surgeon, not an “Injector”

Dr Chris’ years of training and surgical experience, including specialty training in cosmetic surgery, means that he is highly qualified in aesthetic assessment and knows exactly how to achieve the results you are looking for. Toxins or fillers placed in the wrong position can have detrimental effects both cosmetically and medically, and the knowledge of how to avoid this is one of the many things that sets Dr Chris apart.

Dr Chris considers everyone that he treats as his patient and always wants the best possible care and perfect results for them. His patients are not clients who are just simply buying a service.

Only Premium Quality Products

Chris has extensive experience with a wide range of products and brands (e.g. Profhilo, Juvederm, Restylane, Teoxane, Aliaxin, Sculptra, Belotero, Radiesse, Teosyal, BOTOX, Dysport, Bocouture, Azzalure) and knows the best filler to use for each procedure, anatomical area and desired effect. Chris will discuss the pros and cons of each filler and explain which he would recommend to achieve the perfect result.

You can relax knowing that all the products used at CRM Aesthetics are of premium quality, safe and have been used to give patients fantastic results time and time again.

Chris will never offer the cheaper, inferior “Toxins” or “Fillers” which can lead to variable results, are not as long lasting and leave patients less satisfied.

CRM Aesthetics – The Clinics

CRM Aesthetics is based at The Treatment Rooms in Knowle, Solihull and Kat & Co, Edgbaston, Birmingham. We offer a comfortable and discrete environment for treatments that is easy to get to from anywhere. Although the majority of Dr Chris’ patients are local to Birmingham and Solihull, some travel from across the country for his expertise.

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Treatment Options

Find out more about our treatments, including anti ageing injections (BOTOX®), dermal fillers and medical grade skincare products available in our Solihull and Birmingham clinics.

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Dr Chris Macdonald

Plastic Surgeon Chris has a wealth of experience in plastic and aesthetic surgery and non-surgical treatments.

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What to expect during your consultation, treatment and follow-up.

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