Our Treatments

As a highly experienced Plastic Surgeon, Dr Chris Macdonald, is able to offer tailor-made anti-ageing and rejuvenating treatments as well as advanced non-surgical, facial sculpting and lifting techniques.

Anti-ageing treatments

Anti-ageing treatments such as BOTOX and fillers can help to reverse or postpone some of the common signs of ageing by smoothing out fine lines and lifting your skin to give a fresh, natural and rejuvenated look.

Advanced facial sculpting and enhancements

The advanced use of dermal fillers offers a highly effective alternative to surgical cosmetic procedures.

Fillers are frequently used to rejuvenate the face, give volume to cheek bones and to give lips a fuller, more clearly defined look.

Chris is also trained and experienced in advanced techniques such as defining and contouring jawlines, tear trough treatment, the Nefertiti necklift, 8 point facelifts and non-surgical rhinoplasty.

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